Product Specification


Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Automotive Components

A product that requires high reliability due to harsh useage environment of FPCB for electronic devices
Demand for High Spec and secure product dimension processing capability (zero Defect)

Car Navigation (D/S)

Vehicle lighting (D/S)

Electric vehicle battery (D/S)

Vehicle cluster (D/S)

Mobile Components

When connecting circuits between parts of electronics, make circuits in FCCL raw materials
A board that allows electricity to flow
(Applied to all electronic products such as computers, mobile phones, automobiles, medical equipment, etc.)

CTC (CON TO CON & Side Key, D/S)

Camera Module (RF 4L)

Digitizer (Note Series D/S)

Battery protection circuit (D/S)

Display Components

Other products (medical/dissipating FPCB)

Demand for special specifications according to the diagnosis/tactical advancement of medical/disaster products
Precision FPCB and 3D printing circuit implementation technology through FPCB Process specialization

Touch (S/S)

Connective Moniter (S/S)

Other (Medical)

Other (Smart Device)