Research and Development outcomes

SortationResearch projectMajor research contentResults and expected effectsDevelopment year
Self-technology developmentHighly curved slide FPCDevelopment of high-curve FPC for mobile devices with electromagnetic shielding function200,000 times of flexibility reliability pass. In mass production of double-sided and multi-layer slide FPCs2006.03.01 ~
Self-technology developmentBuild-up multi-layer FPCMulti-layer FPC development for mobile devices with BlindViholeHole diameter 80-100 umBVHLaserDrill processing successful
BVH copper plating reliability, great
2006.01.01 ~
Self-technology developmentRigid FlexibleDevelopment of process technology for RighidFlexibleCamera module, RF model mass production
EMI shielding performance pass
2006.10.01 ~
Government support projectFPC circuit formation technology for mobile using etching resist printing methodEtching resist ink and process development suitable for FPC circuit formationSuccessfully formed 150-400um circuit with FPC circuit
Compared to the existing Photo-Lithography method, construction and process cost reduction, and minimum facility investment compared to the existing Line
2007.12.01 ~
Government support projectThe photosensitive Black Coverlay Film methodA method of coating photosensitive FILM, a new material, in the PSR method using the existing photosensitive INKCompared to the existing method, productivity is improved and quality is excellent due to reduced process
Patent application completed (11.09.05)
2008.12.01 ~
Self-technology developmentLED heat sink for TV
(Pluging type heat transfer substrate)
The metal PCB that goes into the BLU for TV LEDs is replacedIt contributes to generating new sales by developing a high-thermal conductive substrate that replaces metal PCBs that are currently used in BLUs for TV LEDs2010.03.01 ~
Government support projectHighly flexible flexible circuit board for POLED displaysDevelopment of 4 Layer FPCB with a circuit of 40Pich or less through the application of the SAP methodExpectation of sales generation by securing FPCB technology and implementing FineFich circuit applied to SAP construction method2016.10.01 ~
Self-technology developmentFlexible circuit board for LED transparent electronic displayA technology for forming a separate backup signal line in addition to a signal line that transmits digital signals between connection terminals of a transparent LED displayContributing to the expansion of new businesses through the technology development of new ACTVISION products2017.07.20 ~
Self-technology developmentDevelopment of FPCB manufacturing method for automobile batteriesDevelopment of RTR large area processCost reduction contributes to model profitability2019.05.20 ~
Government support projectDevelopment of high-sensitivity magnetic sensor material process and 3-axis geomagnetic sensor technologyMagnetic thin film processing facility construction-8" class line constructionDevelopment of 3-axis geomagnetic sensors for autonomous vehicles2020.04.01 ~