Product Specification


terrestrial magnetism Sensor Application

The three-axis geomagnetic sensor measures the change in the magnetic field of the Earth in three directions: X, Y, and Z
Applied to the electronic compartment that provides a sense of east, west, north, south, north, south

Mobile smartphones, smartwatches, cars, drones, robots, and game consoles
It is applied to implement functions such as global azimuth detection, direction detection, motion detection, and position detection
(In particular, GPS-based navigation can be used in indoor navigation by increasing direction resolution as well as detecting east, west, north, south, and south directions)

Application field

Principles and advantages of PMR (Persistent Magnetic Resistance) sensor operation

[The principle of motion]
A magnetoresistive element that is linearly changed by a horizontal magnetometer is configured as a Whiston bridge circuit and outputs a voltage
– High sensitivity: 10nT level of self-resolution
– Temperature stability: Small change in characteristics due to temperature change (beneficial to Robust environment)
– Simple process: Simple process compared to GMR/TMR (Cost reduction)

Self-sensor (developing)

Magnetic sensor IC for electric/mobile

· Size : 1.2×1.2×0.6 ㎣

· Self-resolution: 10 nT

· Measurement range : ± 1200 ㎛T

· Operating voltage : 1.7~1.98 V

· Package : WLCSP, BGA…

Magnetic sensor for IoT

· Size : 1.0×1.0×0.4 ㎣

· Self-resolution : 10 nT

Patent application

– Korean Patent No.10-1093XXX.
– Korean Patent No.10-1166XXX.
– U.S. Patent No.9,519,XXX.