Welfare System

EV Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. implements various welfare systems to stabilize employees’ lives.

Welfare system

– Operating an in-house club and supporting activity expenses

Six internal activity clubs, including screen golf, bowling, mountain climbing, soccer, and etc

– Birthday gift

birthday feast and a gift are given to birthday personnel

– congratulatory holidays and expenses

Expediture for contratulations and condolences

–  Medical expenses for medical checkups

Support for regular medical checkups and disease treatment expenses every year

– Operate in-house dormitories and commuter buses

– Holiday and anniversary gifts

New Year’s Day, Chuseok, and Labor Day gifts

– Self-development expenses. (Job, leadership, language, etc.)

– Our fortune-teller association

– Operation of the retirement pension system (DB)

– Management of employee welfare materials

Discount benefits for customers’ products and affiliates, and benefits for using local sports centers

– Resort support

Resort membership is available at famous tourist attractions nationwide