Company Introduction


“A healthy and sound company”

Please support EV Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. work hard to give faith to customers through creative thoughts with passion.

Customer satisfaction

Satisfies Customers and shareholder through solid value

technological innovation

Continuous research and technology
development to achieve technological
innovation creating new values

Corporate value

EV Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.,
Prioritizes the value of shareholder , employees, customers, and technology

Healthy workplace implementation

It contributes to the values of members, self-realization, and
contribution to the development of the state and local communities.


FPCB & Circuit Module Global Top 10

Outstanding Technology

It refers to a partner seeking customer satisfaction with differentiated technology and a partner of trust and faith that can maintain a transaction for a long time.

IT products

It suggests the direction of becoming the best company as an IT products company in the future, illustrating directionality of EV Materials Co., Ltd. To become the leader in the field


It expresses sucessive research and development to become a pioneer in solving encountered problems, to satisfy customers

Leap forward as an apex

It implies that we will be the best company that satisfies our customers.